Series 4: Salmon Nation

WW 19 Historic Salmon Populations 
[swf file="07 WW19 Historic Pops.mp3"]
WW 20 Decline of Salmon in the Pacific Northwest   
[swf file="08 WW20 Decline.mp3"]
WW 21 Restoration Bu$ine$$  
[swf file="09 WW21 Restoration.mp3"]
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WW 22 Conservation of Healthy Populations 
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WW 23 Challenges Facing Alaska’s Wild Salmon  
[swf file="11 WW23 Challenges.mp3"]
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WW 24 Healthy Watersheds, Healthy People 
[swf file="12 WW24 Healthy Watersheds.mp3"]
Resources for this series:
 Alaska’s Wild Salmon, ADFG, 2002, Available from Alaska Department of Fish and Game.  See chapters 4 and 5
 Project Wild Aquatic, Council for Environmental Education, 2000
Where Have All the Salmon Gone?
p. 166 students interpret historical data
Watershed Weekly is a production of Takshanuk Watershed Council in Haines, Alaska. Support comes from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and radio station KHNS. Series written by Tim Shields and edited by John Hunt and Chris Bowman.  Teachers Guides written by Pam Randles.