Holgate Creek Water Quality and Quantity Study

Holgate Creek Sediment and Discharge Study

Takshanuk Watershed Council

Funded by ACWA 11-05

 Alaska Department of Conservation


The Takshanuk Watershed Council (TWC) understands the importance of small streams in Southeast Alaska to the population of salmonids and other sport fish.  For this reason TWC has been working to ensure the heath of Holgate Creek (also known as One Mile Creek) in the Haines Borough.  With funding and assistance from the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC) TWC completed monthly discharge measurements using USGS protocols and stream gage data to be used for analysis for an in-stream flow reservation.  This data, collected from 1 July 2010 through 31 December 2010, coupled with the previous data, full-fills the need for five metered years of data so a water reservation can be pursued.  In addition, TWC implemented a non-point source (NPS) pollution programs that included creating stormwater maps, developing a community NPS pollution education program, and completing a NPS pollution plan for future TWC actions.  The stormwater maps and education materials were distributed to the community via fliers, newspaper, radio, and community gatherings such as the farmers market and Earth Day celebrations.  In addition, TWC created an educational video available on their website and this will be played at future community gatherings TWC will have a presence at such as the Southeast Alaska State fair.  Finally, TWC now has a NPS pollution prevention plan including educational material and identified restoration areas.


http://takshanuk.org/sites/default/files/ACWA one-mile final report.doc