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Restoration Projects

Haines and Skagway Restoration Opportunities

The Takshanuk Watershed Council (TWC) with funding from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Coastal Conservation Program developed a compendium of restoration opportunities within the Haines and Skagway Boroughs.  TWC had been keeping an informal list of restoration opportunities but had not compiled them into an easily accessible format that can be shared with stakeholders.  In April 2013, TWC began gathering detailed information and developing site maps to further define these opportunities in Haines, Alaska.  To gather information on restoration sites in Skagway, TWC partnered with the Southeast Alaska Watershed Coalition and the Taiya Inlet Watershed Council. This data was then compiled into site-specific reports, as shown later in this document. An interactive Google Earth map was also created to easily share this information via TWC’s website (

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Cannery Creek Culvert Replacement

Chestnut Drive Culvert Replacement

Upstream Habitat Assessment   

In Southeast Alaska's small anadromous streams, human-caused obstructions to fish passage most often occur at road crossings.  Culverts and bridges may be installed improperly for fish passage, or may have become damaged.  TWC has created a prioritized list of potential culvert replacement projects in the Haines borough that can be viewed with an interactive Google earth .kmz file by agencies and the community.  

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Sawmill Creek  

One of TWCs first projects was to restore a stretch of Sawmill Creek.  For many years, trash and debris had accumulated in the creek such that it had become obstructed.  Fish, coho salmon, Dolly Varden and cutthroat trout, were unable to move freely.  In fact some fish were found living in nearby ditches.  With the help of Haines School students, the creek was cleaned up, the creek bed restored, and fish transferred from ditches to the creek.

Big Boulder Creek

Comstock Road

Research Projects

Our research informs decisions in the community and helps to engage residents and visitors in watershed stewardship.  We believe that a better understanding of our landscape natually leads to increased stewardship of the area.  Our research programs are listed here and new projects are added as they become developed.  To learn more about a particular project, click on it. If you see a project you would like to volunteer on or get to know a little better, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Wetland Assessment & Mapping

Wetland Assessment Map


Fish Distribution

Eulachon Population Study

Haines Borough Fish Passage Inventory and Assessment

Haines Borough Fish Distribution

Watershed Assessment

Chilkoot Watershed Assessment

West Klehini Watershed Assessment

Non-Point Source Pollution

Holgate Creek Water Quality and Quantity Study 
Sawmill Creek Watershed Assessment

Water Quality Assessment

Beach Water Quality

Community Waste Solutions Water Quality Assessment

Research in Education

Fall Eagle Migration

Sawmill Creek Fish Passage  In 2008 a fish passage culvert was installed to replace a culvert that had been blocked.  Above the culvert, only cutthroat trout lived.  Since they could not get to sea, they spawned at small sizes.  Below the culvert cutthroat, coho and dolly varden fry, smolt and spawners lived.  Seventh grade students conducted a fish passage study for the new culvert.  In october 2009, the first coho fry was observed above the culvert.  By October 2010, fry and spawners of all three species were observed above the culvert.

GLOBE Program Haines School is a GLOBE school.  Students collect atmosphere data (precipitation, clouds and contrails, and temperature), hydrology data (temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, turbidity and benthic macroinvertebrates), and phenology data (Frost Tube, green-up and budbust, seaweed)

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