Ts'ats'ee* Bird Observatory

Birds from all over the western hemisphere migrate to and from Alaska.  Migratory birds are packets of information, and observing them allows scientists to track their movements and learn about conditions and changes over a wide range of locations. 

In recent years, based on observations of migrating birds and the Christmas Bird Count, some changes in species and numbers have been noted by local residents. By forming an observatory in Southeast Alaska, TWC hopes to be able to contribute to a better understanding of bird movements and populations. 


Rare Harris's Sparrow observed by
Chuck Susie in Klukwan


Ts'ats'ee Bird Observatory Activities

Haines Bird Checklist 2010

Recent Sightings

Annual Spring Birdathon

Spring Migration Studies

Fall Eagle Migration 

Magpies and Jays

Eagle Nest Survey

Monitoring Bird Populations through eBird

Great Backyard Bird Count

Christmas Bird Count



*Ts'ats'ee is a Tlingit word meaning singing bird.