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Donations to Takshanuk Watershed Council support a wide variety of programs and projects.  Community support is necessary to ensure the sustainability of our programs and we are grateful for all donations.  Many projects require matching funds and donations from private individuals can often be matched to help raise funds from foundations and federal programs.  Donors are also welcome to ask that their funds be used for a specific purpose such as Watershed Education, Restoration or Research. 

Your donation can be made in several ways:

  • Stop by the TWC office at 118 Main Street in Haines.  You can browse our merchadise there, too.

  • Send a check to:  Takshanuk Watershed Council, PO Box 1029, Haines, Alaska 99827.

  • Alaska Permenant residents can Pick.Click.Give when applying for their annual PFD.  TWC is listed in the Charitable Contributions section of the online application where you can choose a donation amount from $25 up to the full amount of your PFD.

  • Use Google Checkout to make an online donation directly to Takshanuk Watershed Council with the form below:

  • $

Thank you for donating to Takshanuk Watershed Council!


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