Watershed Weekly

Watershed Weekly is a production of Takshanuk Watershed Council in Haines, Alaska. Support comes from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and radio station KHNS. Series written by Tim Shields and edited by John Hunt and Chris Bowman.  Teachers Guides written by Pam Randles.


Watershed Weekly is a collection of five-minute radio shows about various aspects of watershed ecology, and how that relates to salmon productivity.   Originally aired on KHNS radio in Haines, Alaska, there are four series in the set, with 24 episodes in all. Each episode has a teachers guide for listening that includes suggestions for related activities. You can listen to the episodes online, or download the episodes and teachers guides.  We hope you enjoy the shows!



Series 1:  Watersheds


WW1  The Watershed Concept   

WW2  The Water Cycle  

WW3  Runoff  

WW4  The Value of Watersheds        

WW5  Watershed Impacts

(Note:  There is no WW6)

Series 2: Alaska’s Watersheds

WW7 Management of Coastal Resources    

WW8 Who’s Who in Alaskan watersheds   

WW9 Chilkoot : The Story of One Alaskan Watershed   

WW10 How It Works- Fisheries Management part 1

WW11 How It Works- Fisheries Management part 2   

WW12 Challenges to Alaska’s Watersheds   

Series 3:  Salmon Biology

WW 13 Life Styles of the Rich and Anadromous  

WW 14 Speciation of Pacific Salmon  

WW 15 The Varieties of Salmon Life Histories  

WW 16 Salmon Ecology  

WW 17 A Life History in Detail- Coho Salmon  

WW 18 Salmon Forest  

 Series 4:  Salmon Nation

WW 19 Historic Salmon Populations   

WW 20 Decline of Salmon in the Pacific Northwest    

WW 21 Restoration Bu$ine$$    

WW 22 Conservation of Healthy Populations   

WW 23 Challenges Facing Alaska’s Wild Salmon   

WW 24 Healthy Watersheds, Healthy People