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Marvin's Garden

Teaching life skills in gardening and composting

Marvin's Garden, originally "The Starvin' Marvin Garden was founded in 2007 by Pam Randles. The garden is dedicated to Pam for her many years of hard work and an endless enthusiasm for engaging youth in gardening education.

The garden started as a composting program. In 2007 Pam Randles worked with students at the Haines School to collect food scraps and compost them in the indoor composting facility pictured on left. The compost shed has undergone some changes, but is still in use today. She held a naming contest for the composting program and Starvin' Marvin was selected. Starvin' Marvin refers to the worm that lives in the compost pile. In 2010 the first raised beds were built and in 2013 a hoop house was constructed at the site. 


Marvin's Garden Today

Today Marvin's Garden contains 26 raised beds, 9 flower beds, a hoop house, an indoor composting facility, an outdoor composting facility and a biogas unit that converts greenhouse gases into cooking fuel. Students in preschool through high school help plant the garden in the spring, they attend summer camps, and harvest vegetables in the fall that are served in the school's lunch program. Middle school students collect food scraps from the cafeteria and compost them at the Marvin Garden.

Funding for Marvin's Garden

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