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We need your support!

Victory Garden at Mosquito Lake Community Center


Support the community garden at the Mosquito Lake Community Center!


School Garden & Compost Project

Help us expand our program! We currently compost about one-third of the Haines School food waste. We want to do more! Your donations will support staff time and supplies to expand our compost program. Our sixth graders collect compost and local SAIL interns help keep that compost turned and sifted all summer long.

After School Program: Chilkat Forest Investigators

Help us continue our wildly popular program, led by Mario Benassi.  Elementary Students take field trips into the forest to discover how that ecosystem works. Mario has spearheaded this informative and fun program for several years and we hope to support his work for many more years to come!

Chilkat Watershed Monitoring

The Chilkat and Chilkoot Rivers are two of the most productive salmon systems on the west coast of North America.  They host significant wild runs of all five species of Pacific salmon, as well as steelhead, Dolly Varden, coastal cutthoat trout, and eulachon. Combined, these rivers are the number one producer of sockeye salmon in all of Southeast Alaska. TWC is the only entity that is working year-round, collecting the necessary baseline water quality data that will be used to plan for the unknown effects of climate change on our local aquatic habitats and wild salmon populations, as well as to make decisions on how to best safeguard the health of our local waters should large-scale industrial development occur.

TWC General Fund

Running a successful community nonprofit requires doing a lot of tasks that aren't glamorous but certainly are necessary. We spend countless hours in public and private meetings, sharing information and helping ensure that our local lands and waters support our community in sustainable ways. There are many other mundane but necessary tasks we do to ensure TWC fulfills its mission. Your donation will support our staff's efforts to collaborate with our partners, communicate with our community, and help keep the lights on.

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